My 2006 Schedule

Cutting the schedule down a bit this year and fishing as a co-angler in the TTT so I can focus more on my guide business.  In addition, I will list the dates I will be practicing as well as tournament dates.

DATE LOCATION RESULT Lessons Learned, Relearned, Confirmed  SANCTIONING BODY
Feb 3-4-5 Amistad 93rd Place I have  not been a co-angler in a while...your boater really decides if you are going to catch good fish or not. FLW-Texas Tournament Trail
Feb 16-25 Amistad 170 place You cannot fish at this level without good information and a healthy body FLW-Stren Series
March 10-12 Sam Rayburn FLW-Texas Tournament Trail
March 17-25 Sam Rayburn FLW-Stren Series
Mar 31-April 2 Cedar Creek FLW-Texas Tournament Trail
April 20-29 Texoma FLW-Stren Series
May   5-7 Texoma     FLW-Texas Tournament Trail
May 13-20 Sam Rayburn     FLW-Stren Series


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