Knob Year 2007-2008

This is the end.  The Knob journey is at an end. 

My last trip there was for the Long Grey Line Parade as the Seniors prepared for graduation and the Knobs turned upperclassmen and prepare for more responsibilities and rank.

I have no words cannot express how proud I am of these two young men and what they have achieved this year.


            The Summerall Guard performed. They're good but they are not the PMC Pershing Rifles!

        Chris on duty  before and after the parade.

 LTG Rosa signs a senior mom's memory cloth.



 The Regimental Commander presents the incoming Commander with the Corps sword.


Chris performs his first official duty!

He lost 50 pounds this year and still eats like a starving beast!

            Our last photos of the year.

MLK Weekend in Augusta

Mac & Cheese a college staple As is a cell phone    Football @ Jims

Steaks at Jims

        Chris couldn't handle the bigger dogs, they walked too fast!


              Wes hates Commies!

The Old South Christmas Ball  December 2007






8 NOV 07 The Republican Society & The Middle Eastern Studies Association Sponsored a briefing by Jim Timmerman and myself on The Global War on Terror.  We had lunch with the Society and in the evening did a presentation for about 100 people both, corps and civilians.

Please forgive to poor lighting, my camera is just not the great in dark conditions.


  Chris introduced us and Wes took the pictures, thanks guys.





    Homecoming Weekend   




           Hey Wes, I finally got a shot of you on Parade!

                Training them Young at The Citadel

    Chris and some members of the Track Team



        Sticky Fingers, Does Chris ever stop eating? <g>


Parents Weekend



It Rained on the First Parade and the Football Game.  Citadel won 35-14

        Alpha Coy Marches on

                                                                                                                                                          Dinner at the top of the Holiday Inn overlooking the harbor and the City of Charleston

        Calling Parents and eating snacks.

        Wind was up as was the Rain for Tailgating

The March On            

Papa        Alpha (Knobs used camo on their faces)


        Knob line for the start of the game.

Game over

The transformation has begun.  Practice parade and first Leave.



It was hard to find the boys as you imagine and when I did I could not get a good shot. It turned out Alpha Company was on the FAR end 150+ yards away! Papa, right in front of me.

                          Papa (I think)

  Sorry, only shot I could get of Alpha.  I will do better next time.

            Pass in Review

Let the fun begin!  First Leave!  At times it was hard to get the guys in focus! <g?



The night before induction and that first day.