Fayette County Fishing Report

January 2004


Well here we are, a New Year. There are new baits to use, new techniques to try, new approaches to your favorite lake.  This past year has been one of the best on Fayette County history. We caught more fish and bigger fish than we ever have before.  The grass is gone, the fish are still here and going strong.

If the fish follow our normal patterns in January pay close attention to the prevailing winds. A consistent south wind will produce warm water in the coves north of the discharge. The fish will start moving shallow and be in a pre-spawn mode. Consistent north winds will change all that and slow the process. That warm water will be along the baffle dyke south of the discharge and that area should provide some outstanding fishing.

The discharge is a great place to start this time of year but watch for the early morning fog and other boats. Small finesse baits can be deadly when allowed to simply drift with the current. A Senko also has enough weight to be fished in this area. Another bait that I love to throw at the discharge mouth is at 3/8 ounce War Eagle spinnerbait with a double willow blade.  Throw it over the rocks and hold on. The current brings baitfish in there and the bass can be stacked up waiting for them.

This is a time of year when you should not forget the deep humps. I have been experimenting with a very effect new technique (at least for me) that has been very successful. I am using a storm 4-inch Wild Eye swim bait on these humps. No, I am not swimming the bait. Let it fall on a fairly taught line and the bait will fall to the bottom and right itself so it looks like a small fish feeding on the bottom, then simply crawl/hop the bait along the bottom. This bait is very rugged. The plastic is very hearty and will hold up under as much abuse as a big fish can give it. I am using the Sad color along with the lemon/pearl or pearl colors. Give it a try.

Another bait that has really produce some big fish for me this past year is the Rapala DT-16 in the Shad color. The fish seem to love the bait and it is hard to fish it incorrectly. Rapala has recently introduced the Glass Rap. The finish on that bait is something to behold. I cannot wait to start throwing it in the Fayette shallows during the pre-spawn.  As the fish start moving shallow throw the Glass Rap in 6-8 feet of water. Another bait that has done well in the past for me is the Strike King, Series 3 chartreuse/blue in the same area.

I am also falling in love with the Lucky Craft Live Pointer. This little bait is something else. It is joined, with all the action you want and will suspend in 50-degree water. But take note:  at water temperatures above that the bait will nose up and rise. I use a bit of Sticky Weight to help keep that nose down.

The fishing shows are getting under way. I look forward to seeing you folks at the Red Wing/Champion Boats booth at the Houston area shows and remember the store will have our Fishing Classic from February 7th until the 15th.  Look forward to seeing you there.

Remember, I also teach the bass classes at Bass Pro Shops in Katy. If you are interested in attending call the store to get a schedule (281) 644-2200. If you would like to book a trip to Fayette give me a call (713) 819-7255, email (FishCoach@compassnet.com) or check out my website: www.compassnet.com/fishcoach.


One final note: RESPECT MOTHER NATURE. Dress correctly and be prepared.