My 2004 Schedule

DATE LOCATION RESULT Lessons Learned, Relearned, Confirmed  SANCTIONING BODY
January 24 Sam Rayburn Well, after another competitor ran through my fish I ended up with 1 fish for 1.82

Great Start!  BTW, for the first time in my life. I protested the offender Where has sportsmanship gone?

Practice is the key to all successful tournament fishing.  I found fish due to hard work and may hours on the water.  If you cannot do that, you will not win unless you are very lucky.  I had the fish, an unsportsmanlike competitor blew them out. PROTEST people that are like this fellow.  Some people will not learn until you do!  B.A.S.S Federation
February 8 Sam Rayburn Well one more fish: 2.63

Is there a pattern here?

Champions can handle any water you put them in not matter what. Helmets are not just for bike riders.  Bass-N-Bucks
February 28 Livingston LOST 14 pounds of fish due to broken rods, line or hang-ups in trees!  Sometimes hard work doesn't pay off.  I fished the same 50 yard area all day and the fish were there. They changed as the weather changed but did not leave. B.A.S.S Federation
Match 7 Toledo Bend 10.10/ 5 fish Drop shots produce fish when nothing else will! Both BnB so far have proved that just having a limit will not make it.  You need to find kicker fish before hand!  Bass-N-Bucks
March 13-14  Conroe No fish bigger than 4 pounds and it took at least a 5+ to get a check.  One day of pre-fishing is not enough. American Rodsmith
March 27 Conroe Went for broke and zeroed I need to learn Conroe better B.A.S.S Federation
April 17 Limestone Zeroed Don't leave one of your medications in the truck! B.A.S.S Federation
May 2 Toledo Bend 8th Place


Good thing Darrell Can fish! Bass-N-Bucks
June 19 Sam Rayburn 10th Place There is no substitute for time on the water EXCEPT local information! B.A.S.S Federation
Sept 14-18 Sam Rayburn How low can you go? I practiced 8 days, had good fish and then they all turned into Kentucky's!!!  BASS Open
Sept 18-19 Toledo Bend/ Sam Rayburn Well see above same thing happened to Darrell Lyons and I Ditto Bass-N-Bucks


Sept 25-26 Sam Rayburn Totally different from last week. Cloudy, windy, some rain Okay, boat problems this time from no tilt/trim switches-none to a blown lower unit. BFL Super
Oct 2-3 Coleto Creek Did not fish B.A.S.S Federation


Oct 19-23 Atchafalaya Worked hard for 8 practice days...too many short fish No more Mr. Nice Guy.  A guy in 5th place was fishing an area I had also found...I let him have it...never again. BASS Open
Oct 23 & 24 Sam Rayburn Did not fish because Open was postponed one day due to fog.  Tournament of Champions


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