A Fearful Slaughter


Beginning of 0815am turn

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Beginning 0945 Turn

0945Overview.jpg (254601 bytes)        0945CSALeft.jpg (217323 bytes)    0945DuncanField.jpg (278510 bytes)       0945Arty.jpg (277094 bytes)

              Over-view of field     CSA Left Flank    Duncan Field Area  Union Arty in Danger

Mid 1045 Turn

1045Overview.jpg (189182 bytes)    1045CSALeft.jpg (273776 bytes)    1045CSARight.jpg (276543 bytes)    1045USArty.jpg (192172 bytes)

Some strange goings on...Overview looks like the Bulge from WWII.  Last pict. shows

two surrounded Union Artillery Batteries (must be Bastogne)...CSA has been slowed by

Corps Stoppage and an inability of Brag (curse him to accept orders efficiently)...He sucked here and he surely sucked at Chickamauga!  He haunts my dreams! 


International Federation of Wargaming

15 July 1967, Those were the days

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The night before the convention, we played diplomacy at my house. you can see me, Scott Duncan, my sister and the rest I don't remember, can anyone help?

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Henry Bodenstadt (sp?) and company playing Remagen Bridge and the Convention dinner program.


AD&D Group

Click on picture

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Left to right:  Chris (seated) played since he was 12, Taylor (beard) 2nd generation player since he was 11, Brit 2nd generation player, Denise (Brits mom-husband plays (hand has since 1970's but is in Iraq right now), Chris (1st time player student of mine 2 years ago), Jim (teacher & former student of mine player since 1970s), Theresa (hiding), John (former student played since 1980s), me!

Note the painting. Gary Gygax painted this on 10.20.64 and gave it to me.