Fayette County Fishing Report

April 2002


Well, it is rodeo season here in Houston again and the fishing on Fayette is good. Before I begin my report a few words of caution. We lost two good fishermen on Toledo Bend in February and once again, Mother Nature reminded us just how nasty and dangerous she can be. Please remember, no fish or fishing tournament is worth risking your life. Beach your boat, stay out of the big water if you have any doubts at all about your safety. Some boats take rough water better than others and some lakes are far more dangerous than others. Use some common sense and wear your life jacket and kill switch. This past week a Parks and Wildlife warden was seriously injured when he was thrown from his boat without a kill switch. We all love the outdoors but we must remember the laws of Nature are in force out there and we cannot alter them.

Most fish will have spawned by the time you read this and will have moved back to where they were in mid-February: the main and secondary points. The fish travel the same way out that they used to get to the spawning flats. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

I believe that most fish are very hungry after the spawn and will be looking to feed. There is much for them to eat, fry, shad, and bream. I look to the sides of the three main lake points first. Last April, we had great success placing the boat in about 7-10 feet and working parallel to the shoreline. The depth is the key not the structure. 

I have been throwing a Bass Pro Shops shallow diver. It looks much like a Baby 1 Minus but the colors are much more vivid and realistic. I am also throwing Norman Deep Little N and Middle N in Splatter Bass and Sunshine colors. I am also throwing the Bomber Flat-A in the bream color. You can control its depth better than you can with a Rat-L-Trap.

 Top water fishing also really picks up this time of year. I still love the BPS Top Knocker with the super loud rattle chamber. You can throw it a mile and “walk” the dog with a tighter technique than a Spook. The buzz bait always seems to produce some good fish on Fayette so don’t hesitate to throw it when the wind gets up more than the Top Knocker can walk through well through. As the top water bite dies, throw a Zoom Super Fluke in watermelon red back into the same areas. Make sure you have a swivel tied a few inches above the hook. It will prevent line twist. I use 12# fluorocarbon as my leader.

This past year I have also had great success with the BPS Stick-O and the Chompers Salty Sinker. They are both “soft stick baits” like the Senko but are a good bit less in price. Rig them Texas style with a swivel as above. Let t hem bait fall completely to the bottom. As it falls, it slowly shudders and can attract a vicious strike. When it hits bottom, let it sit. The bait will sit vertically and the tail will vibrate with every small current. This has become one of my top fish catching techniques and a real confidence bait for me.

Don’t forget to look for new growth grass this time of year. Yes, I know, the coots and tilapia love it but it will grow and the fish will be near. Look for the coots, they will tell you where to find the grass. A crankbait or jerkbait above or through the grass will produce some good strikes. If you find a good grassy area, throw your Carolina rig with e Zoom Baby Brush Hog in watermelon/red with a chartreuse tail.

This year’s BPS Spring Fishing Classic was bigger and better than ever and it was great to see so many of you out there. Remember, I also teach free bass classes at the store. There a many new classes this year, ranging from Women In Fishing to Drop Shotting techniques. If you are interested in attending these classes, call the store for a complete schedule: (281) 644-2200.

PLEASE be safe out there!