Fayette County Fishing Report

April 2003


            Well, fishing on Fayette has really picked up these last few weeks. At this point most of our bass have spawned and it is time to think about post spawn fishing. Now, donít panic. I realize that most folks donít like fishing for post spawn bass but I believe that they are hungry and will eat. The problem is, they donít stay put for long. In pre-spawn mode they will hang around the main and secondary points for a good bit of time. On the contrary in the post-spawn period, they will be there one day, gone the next. What does that mean for us? Cover water!

            Where should you go? The answer is simple, the same places you were before the spawn: main lake and secondary points. I simply put my tolling motor down in about 10-12 feet of water and run parallel to the bank. If I am not sure what depth the fish are holding, I will throw to the bank and work my baits back to the boat. After I have the depth, I will fish parallel to the bank at and near that depth.

            This is the time of year that top water fishing really gets going so be sure to have a top water plug ready to go. I donít think you can beat a buzzbait or a popping bait on Fayette when the fish are on the top. As for colors, well, white and black buzzbaits seem to work equally well for me. Be sure to have a trailer hook no matter what color you choose. As for the popping baits, I prefer the Yellow Magic. It just seems to catch more fish. When the top water bite slows throw a wacky worm or soft stick bait in the same area. Watermelon/red, June Bug, and natural colors seem to work best.

            When it comes to working the points, I have had great success with the Rapala DT-10 in natural colors. The bait dives quickly to 10 feet on 10-pound line and stays there longer than other crankbaits. Look for new growth grass in these areas. The fish will relate to the grass if you can find it. I am also having considerable success throwing the Lucky Craft LV-500. It is the finest lipless bait on the market today. The American Shad and Tennessee Shad colors cannot be beat.

            Another effective technique is a Carolina Rig. I have been rigging it with a Baby Brush Hog in watermelon/red. A new bait that has also produced some good fish is the Bass Pro Shops Hairy Hogg. It is a unique creature bait that has a triple ripple tail with a caterpillar body. It floats a 2/0 hook and can really hold your favorite flavor of juice.

            One final technique that has produced many fish in the past is a jerkbait. The old jerk and twitch seems to call those fish up from the grass and wood. Be patient, fish slow. Donít simply twitch all the way back to the boat. A couple of twitches and then let it suspend for a bit. How long? As you and you can stand it and then repeat the pattern.

            This yearís Katy BPS Spring Fishing Classic was the biggest and best I have seen. It was great to see so many of you out there and to get a chance to exchange ideas on this great sport that we have. Donít forget that we have bass classes every other Sunday. We have started something new this year. Each month we offer a class on a specific lake. So far we have done Fayette County and Toledo Bend. These classes are absolutely free and last about an hour or so. You can get the schedule by calling Bass Pro Shops (281) 644-2200. If you would like to book a trip to Fayette give me a call or email me: FishCoach@compassnet.com. Check out my website: www.compassnet.com/fishcoach.