Fayette County Fishing Report

April/May 2004 

            Greetings all! What a great time to be fishing Fayette County! The majority of the bass have moved into the post-spawn period.  I know many of you have heard how bad post spawn fishing can be.  Well on Fayette, that is just not true.  In 2003 April and May were stellar months for my clients and me. The fish were biting well and our favorite spots were constantly replenished.  These bass will hang around main lake and secondary points for short time but they are very catchable!  

            I am planning for fishing the same areas I fished in the pre-spawn.  I will get in about 10 feet of water and turn my trolling motor on running parallel to the bank.  But that is only after getting into a good topwater bite at the start of the day.  I have had great success with the Yellow Magic popping bait.  Seems to produce some vicious strikes.  I will also throw a watermelon/black/red Senko in the same areas. Last year, we did better on the Senko than we did on the topwater baits.

            Once the topwater bite dies, we will start throwing either a War Eagle Spinnerbait (Mouse Color) or a Rapala DT 6.   The DT 6 is a new bait in the same line as the DT 10 and 16.  The Shad or Blue Gill colors are the top producers on Fayette.  Last year the DT 16 in Shad produced a phenomenal number of fish over six pounds. I am anxious to see how the DT 6 produces in the shallows of Fayette.  As I said, I will be working it parallel to the shoreline and moving until I catch fish. In the past, we have not had to go far. Then we simply sit there and catch fish!  There were times in April and May last year that we never left the same secondary point for an entire morning and caught over 30 nice fish. I use 10-pound fluorocarbon since there is little to get hung up on down there. 

            Lipless baits are another option.  I thrown the Lucky Craft LV500 in American Shad most times. I know, it is more expensive but it catches more fish. The grass you are hitting is not hydrilla but rather Southern Naiad (Magnus).  Now this grass looks much like hydrilla except instead of leaves it has small points.  This grass can become a serious problem and has in Florida.  However, the plant is a valuable waterfowl food and can provide habitat and substrate for fish and invertebrates.  Just rip it through and you will get bit as the bait clears the grass.             

             As many of you know, I am never far from my Carolina rig and a baby brush hog in watermelon/red.  This will produces on the humps in about 15 feet and also on the primary points.  Don’t hesitate to throw a jerkbait in the same areas.  A slow jerk and twitch should do you well.

            I really enjoyed seeing all of you at the Katy BPS Spring Fever event. It was very well attended…the biggest crowd yet and the conversations and fellowship could not be beat.  Remember, we have classes at the store in both freshwater and salt.  These classes are absolutely free and last about an hour or so. You can get the schedule by calling Bass Pro Shops (281) 644-2200. If you would like to book a trip to Fayette give me a call or email me: Bill@TheFishingCoach.com