Fayette County Fishing Report

August/September/October 2001

 Greetings from Fayette County. Great news for one of our lake guides and all around great people. Jody Wong won the Women’s Bass Fishing Association World Championship held on the Red River in Louisiana. You can read all about it at: http://www.wbfatour.com/ Judy is a long time Fayette guide and one of the finest people you will ever meet on or off the lake. Way to go Judy!!!

I hope this August finds you enjoying the summer, getting the kids ready for school and getting your gear ready for schooling bass on Fayette County. There is very good news from Fayette!Last Fall, the fish survey was the worst biologists have ever seen on Fayette. Catch rates fell from 140 fish per hour to just 40. In one year. It was obvious to all of us that the lake was very warm last year and that the grass was disappearing. This Spring, the survey showed a remarkable recovery: 134 bass caught in one hour, 126 of them larger that 8 inches, three larger than 21. We don’t know exactly why, but the lake is definitely on the rebound!

As all of you know, this is one hot lake in the Summer and due to that many people fish either the first or second half of the day. Still many others turn to night fishing. In August there is always a good early morning/early evening topwater bite. Remember when the sun hits the water, the fish are usually out of there within a few minutes so get there well before dawn or plan on staying until after dark. The first fish I every caught on Fayette years ago was on a Buzzbait and that bait has continued to be a consistent producer. Be sure to use a good trailer hook and be don’t set the hook until after you actually feel the fish. If I am not fishing a buzzbait, you can bet I will be throwing a Pop R or a Chug Bug.

As the sun rises, it is time to move to humps, ridges and deep wood with a Carolina rig. Since during August you will always find a south wind blowing, position your boat to drift fish, rather than fighting the wind all day long. I have spent many a day catching numerous big fish while drifting with a Carolina Rigged Baby Brush Hog, usually in watermelon red. Before you begin your fishing be sure you are able to find some shad in the area. Another bait that I throw is a small (2 inch) Kalin grub on a light (1/4 or 3/16) jig head. I believe the fish on Fayette have seen so many baits that they have been “educated” and will lay off of most large baits during the dog days. Finding shad I usually simply allow the grub to fall through the shad and then pop it back up. You can also use a spoon in the same area.

Night fishing is another way to go during this month. Remember to be on the water before dusk so your eyes gradually adjust. When I night fish I use any color as long as it is black. Black buzzbaits, topwater plugs, worms, spinnerbaits (willow blades). Please remember to tell someone where and when you are going and when you expect to be back and if possible don’t fish alone. While the lights from the power plant certainly help you to see a bit, night makes navigation quite a bit more dangerous. Don’t go anywhere you have not been in daylight, go slowly and keep those lifejackets and lights on!

As August wanes into September, the schooling action, which was almost nonexistent last year, should begin to pick up. Generally it begins towards the back of all the major coves and slowly during the month works it way out to the main lake. Spoons and grubs will generally produce the best fish but many people still enjoy throwing topwaters to these three and four pound beauties. Ultra light tackle is also a way to go if you really like a challenge.

The first serious fronts of September will send many fish into the grass and we are about back where we were in the early Spring. Spinnerbaits and Texas rigged worms should produce well. I like to throw a Norman Deep Baby N crankbait in a sunshine color during this time of year. This bait will dive 8-10 feet on ten-pound test line. I try to sit in about 12-14 feet and cast either to the shoreline (when looking for fish) or parallel to the shore once I have determined a depth the fish seem to be holding on. When I make contact with grass I will pause and then rip it out with my rod. This can produce vicious strikes.  

As October dawns and the weather cools the shallow water fishing explodes into a frenzy on Fayette. Crankbaits and small spinner baits should produce both quality and quantity. Remember, the topwater bite will be unbelievable during this month and on a cloudy day could last for hours. Hit the secondary points and you should pick up some nice fish.

Well, that is about it for now. It was nice to see so many of you during the BPS Spring Fishing Classic at the Katy store. Don’t forget, I also teach bass classes at the store on alternate Sunday mornings. If you are interested in attending call the store to get a schedule (281) 644-2200. The classes range from Basic Bass fishing and to advanced classes refining your skills.

If you would like to book a trip to Fayette give me a call (281) 499-3799, email (FishCoach@compassnet.com) or check out my website: www.compassnet.com/fishcoach.