Corporate Business Packages

Pleasure before Business


Take your clients, business partners, associates or family for a relaxing enjoyable day on the foremost power plant lake in Texas.


The structure of the agreement is quite simple:

Trips include:

Terms and Conditions:


We can “wrap” my boat or vehicle for your company.  When you see a wrapped boat, it makes you do a double-take. It's unique and it catches your eye and you want to see what it says.  


A wrapped vehicle is something that you can't turn off. It's on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Federal transportation studies claim a wrapped vehicle generates 1.2 million impressions per month!


$1,000/ year = 4 half day trips or 2 full.

$2,500/ year = 10 half day trips or 5 full.

$3,500/ year = 15 half day trips or 8 full.

$5,000/ year = 20 half day trips or 10 full.

Price includes all fishing tackle, transportation, light snacks and water and a wonderful fishing experience.

All trips must be scheduled within one calendar year from date of agreement.

Trips cannot be scheduled on holiday dates and must not conflict with Bill Speer’s tournament schedule nor previously scheduled charters.

Wrap pricing is variable depending on design and size.  Click here for more details