Fayette County Fishing Report

June/July 2004

            Well, the kids are out of school and summer has officially begun on Fayette.  More and more pleasure boats are hitting the lake but that does not seem to affect the fishing at all.  Summer patterns on Fayette can be very predictable MOST of the time.  I say most because last year we caught more and better fish that ever before in the summer. Some of you may remember the time when the lake would be almost deserved during the summer months.  That should not be the case any more.  I also say most because last summer for some reason the early topwater bite that our summers are famous for almost completely disappeared.

            In its place, for me, was the Senko. When we could not get a topwater bite we went to the Senko in the same areas and caught fish all morning long.  I like to fish the secondary points in the early morning that a located near deeper water. The fish come up and feed until the sun hits the water.  Time will tell if that pattern holds this summer.

            After the early bite last year I went straight to the deep main lake humps and spent the rest of the day there.  Use your electronics to find the shad and there will be bass near by.  I had so much success with the Rapala DT 16 last year that I have already stocked up for this summer.  The Shad and Bluegill colors were absolutely dynamite.  In fact, every big fish (over 7 pounds) that we caught last summer was on the Shad color in about 15 feet and we caught a lot of fish over seven pounds!  Remember the use 10 pound line if you plan on that bait getting down to 16 feet. I prefer Bass Pro Shops XPS it is easily as good as “name brands.”  I use an American Rodsmith cranking rod with a Shimano 3.8 Curado to get the bait into the proper depth quickly and the help it stay there.  The humps are clearly marked on any map. You will have no trouble finding them.  So far this year, I have been using a drop shot on every trip I take and it has been producing BIG results.  I have caught fish in dead calm conditions but also in 25 mph winds.  I use a MOJO 3/16 drop shot weight. You folks need to really to try this weight.  Its unique design prevents the weight from hanging up like traditional drop shot weights.  I use YoZuri 6 or 8 pound line and a Kut Tail 5 inch watermelon/red worm.  A Carolina Rigged Baby Brush Hog has also produced fish for me.

            If you want a unique challenge head over to the humps just outside the discharge canal. Most people will think you are nuts but the resident fish there are some real monsters.  I lost a 13 plus pound fish on the Bluegill DT16 in that area.  The lake record is bound to be broken soon, try your hand at it.  A Carolina rig in this area can also produce some big fish.

             You might also consider fishing the deep trees that line the major creeks.  These trees sit in over 40 feet of water and top out near 15.  I have been using a Spider wire Carolina rig with a Baby Brush Hog but this year I am looking forward to trying my drop shot in there.  These tress hold some of the biggest fish in the lake but you will hang up and lost some leaders.

            Finally, this is the time for night fishing.  Ten-inch Berkley Power Worms in Red Shad and SENKOs really shine at night (pun intended).  Fish the same areas you would in the daytime and hold on!  Remember to keep you navigation lights on and to be careful moving around in the dark. Some people are not as careful as you are!  Wear your life jacket and kill switch.  Make sure someone know where you will be fishing.

Remember to apply sunscreen before you hit the lake. I use Coppertone Shade in the alcohol gel, SPF 30. Just make sure you wash your hands and use a scent on your plastics. A hat is a must along with light colored lose fitting clothing. Drink plenty of water and know your limits. A life jacket is also mandatory. No one is immune to an accident. I Wear SOSpenders, they are light and easy to wear. A friend of mine had his life saved by one of these when he went into the water and it brought him right up!

Don’t forget I teach bass classes at the Bass Pro Shops. If you are interested in attending, call the store to get a schedule (281) 644-2200. The classes range from Basic Bass fishing and Advanced Bassin’ to Summer Bass and even some on specific lakes and how to fish them.