Fayette County Fishing Report

November/December 2002

 Seasons Greetings from Fayette County

Fishing should be very good this month. Fishing on Fayette was good this summer and even better this fall. The fish may not have schooled like they did in the 1990s but there is no doubt in my mind quality far surpassed quantity this year. I have heard about, caught and saw more fish over 8 pounds than I can ever remember in Fayette County. The bigger fish are here and can be caught!

Well, what can we expect in November and December? Fall fishing is great on all Texas lakes and this year will be no exception. The fish will be moving deep again as the front get harder but the shallow water will be warming in the afternoons and drawing them there as well. My past experience tells me that I will still start shallow on top waters and then begin to move deeper. What will change is where I start. Instead of the back of the creeks, I will be looking for fish on main lake points and then falling back into deeper water as the day goes on.

My records indicate that most of my fish in both November and December fall victim to a Carolina rig or deep diving crank bait. Both baits were most effective on the same off shore deep humps that I fished in the summer.

I use about a two-foot leader of 14# Bass Pro Shops fluorocarbon line with Spiderwire as my main line. I have been experimenting with the new Strike King 3X Cyber-flex baits recently. Their durability and the fact that it will float a 4/o hook. The lizard, centipede and shad bait have produced good fish for me in watermelon/red and chartreuse/pepper. The later in the year it gets, the slower you need to fish. This summer I had a great deal of success fishing the rig in the deep tress. By that, I mean fishing in 40 plus feet of water in the trees. My go to bait this summer was a Zoom Smoke Purple Finesse worm.

My deep diving crankbait of choice is the Norman DD-22 in the Splatter bass. Last November it produced plenty of fish over five pounds. If the fish show on water deeper than 15 feet, then add some Sticky Weight to the bottom of the bill and it will take your bait down as deep as you want it to go. The nice thing about Sticky Weight is that you can peel it off and used it again. Amazing stuff!

I shallower water I have been throwing the Bass Pro Shops Stick-O with a great bit of success. It fishes like a Senko but is much tougher and therefore will last through many more fish. Wacky worms in watermelon/red also produce well.

Everyone loves to fish the discharge this time of year. Slider worms and Zoom finesse worms worked well for me last year and will produce well this year again. Cast up the discharge and allow your bait to move with the current. I try to sit my boat in about 12 feet of water facing into the current. This gives you the greatest control and will slow your movement down the channel. The shoreline rocks end at about 10 feet so your positioning should be about perfect.

Remember, if there has been a north wind for a few days the warmest water on the lake will be along the baffle dyke. If it has been blowing from the south, the coves to the north of the discharge will hold the warmest water. Speaking of warm water, remember Fayette fogs up very heavily in the winter. Be careful, if you are not sure where you are, slow down to an idle. There have been numerous occasions where I have heard people running at very high speeds because they have a GPS. Well the life you save will definitely be your own and mine!

Well that is about it for this year. Donít forget, I teach bass classes at Bass Pro Shops in Katy on alternate Sunday mornings. If you are interested in attending call the store to get a schedule (281) 644-2200. The classes range from Basic Bass and to advanced classes refining your skills. They are designed with veterans, rookies and kids in mind.

If you would like to book a trip to Fayette give me a call (281) 499-3799, email (FishCoach@compassnet.com) or check out my website: www.compassnet.com/fishcoach.

Merry Christmas and God Bless America.