Fayette County Fishing Report

November/December 2003

Well the holidays are upon us and the fishing is good. What more can one ask for?  The fishing this summer and early fall was as good as it gets. We have been catching more fish and bigger fish than I can ever remember! More than one fish has been caught that would be the lake record (12.25# caught in 1982) if caught during the spawn. What has amazed us all though is the number of quality fish we caught.  Catching four, five and six pounders on every trip is not unusual.  In fact sometimes I wonder where all the under slot fish go in the summer!

But now, the fronts are rolling in, the temperature is dropping and the fish are there for the catching.  I love fall fishing, hunting and football seasons are in full swing and the lake are as deserted as they will ever be during a year.

During November and December, I will start shallow with topwater baits and spinnerbaits. I prefer to use the Lucky Craft Sammy with a chicken hackle treble and a 3/8 War Eagle spinnerbait in mouse color. These baits can be deadly this time of year. I also have a lot of fun with an older bait that still catches fish, a craze shad. Where I will fish will depend on the time of month and weather.  I will start on main lake points near a deep drop early in the period and gradually move towards the warm water discharge. By December, I will be starting in the discharge.

Remember to pay close attention to the prevailing winds. If they have been out of the north for a few days before you fish, hit the points north of the discharge. If the winds have been from the south, fish along the discharge. The warmer water will have been pushed in the direction.  I am also keeping a Lucky Craft Lipless bait in the American Shad tied on to use before the fish go deeper.

My records indicate, however that most of my fish are coming on Carolina rigs and deep diving crank baits.  You cannot beat a rig with a Zoom Chartreuse/Pepper  centipede.  I have also had a good deal of success with a watermelon/red baby brush hog. It is hard to choose between these two.  I am also starting to throw, believe it or not, bigger baits on my rig. A Red Shad 10í Berkley Power Worm has produced numerous big fish in the past few months.  Give it a try!

My deep diving crank bait of choice is the Rapala DT16 in the Shad color.  This bait has replaced, for me, the Norman DD22. It dives down quickly and stays down, something most crankbaits do not do. I am working it over humps in about 15 feet of water.  Beside the diving characteristics, the bait is made of balsa wood with a subtle rattle, something the fish have not seen before.

This is the time of year that Fayette can really fog up during the morning.  I suggest you fish your way from the ramps during such periods.  Too many people think they know where they are and end up hitting something or someone a long way from where they thought they were.  Many fishermen now possess a GPS and think that means they can run the lake with impunity. Well, you folks are the most dangerous because your running at much to high a speed, looking at your GPS unit, rather than the water around you.  Please be careful, wear your life jacket and dress appropriately. 

Well that is about it for the year. Donít forget, I teach bass classes at Bass Pro Shops in Katy on alternate Sunday mornings. If you are interested in attending call the store to get a schedule (281) 644-2200. The classes range from Basic Bass and to advanced classes refining your skills and are free! At times we even offer classes on carious lakes. They are all designed with veterans, rookies and kids in mind.

If you would like to book a trip to Fayette give me a call (281) 499-3799, email (Bill@thefishingcoach.com) or check out my website: www.thefishingcoach.com