Other Fayette Fisherman

John Sparks took these.


Dodge shares some underwater shots


Phil Garrod's new Skeeter


Steve Thoen sent me the following pictures from Fayette



TxMcDud  (Jim)  Again. while fishing with Rangerman Saturday morning


TxMcDud & BIG Ken  (Don't ask, I ain't tell where they were on Fayette!)

Leonard got a new boat!




Tim Adams proves what I have always said, it doesn't matter how you go fishing, just go!

Bill Sheppard and a nice bass.


More Mark Turner and  Kerwin


Mark  Turner and his son  Ryan Bucklin


Here is Doug again with his future son-in-law Jeremy

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While not a Fayette County fisherman YET, this is Max.  He shared a room with me at the Mississippi Everstart where I tore up my knee.  Must have been one BAD room.  A few weeks later he broke both legs in a work accident.  He is still recovering. He makes a great soft plastic bait!  Come to think of it, one of these pictures is n my boat in Mississippi!

Fayette with Girls 11-23-05.jpg (50603 bytes)    Fayette with Girls 11-23-05 00002.JPG (55618 bytes)    Fayette 11-25-05  5lbs  4 ozs.jpg (37405 bytes)    Fayette 11-21-05 Roger 00006.JPG (59939 bytes)

Doug and Cheryl again on Fayette with granddaughter Marissa and Cheryl's uncle Roger.

Abel Fayette.jpg (57039 bytes)    Abel Fayette1.jpg (49145 bytes)    Abel Fayette2.jpg (46642 bytes)    Scott Fayette.jpg (38167 bytes)

Darryl Fayette.jpg (44000 bytes)    Darryl Fayette 2.jpg (34929 bytes)    Darryl Fayette Tilapia.jpg (43147 bytes)    Darryl Fayette1.jpg (47575 bytes)

Nighttime fisherman, Abel, Darrell, and Scott

Doug2.jpg (566346 bytes)    DOug3.jpg (476805 bytes)

Doug caught these two beauties.

Bill Carroll Dad.jpg (81843 bytes)    Bill Carroll Dad 1.jpg (93504 bytes)

Vic Carroll (83) came down from PA to fish Fayette for a week with his son.  As his son Bill said: "Not bad for an 83 year old. I hope I'm 1) alive at that age and 2) still  remember my own name, let alone be able to fish 12 hour days.

"Fishing 10-30-2005 006 (2).jpg (25069 bytes)

Jim and Michelle went fishing with their son Jonathan today.

Fishing 10-2005.jpg (54581 bytes)

Jim and Michelle sent me this super picture of their daughter Lauren with a  nice fish!

AlexFish.jpg (14808 bytes)

Meet Alex a young man just beginning his fishing career.

Leonard.jpg (161800 bytes)

 Nice fish Leonard!

Kelly.jpg (263341 bytes)

Here is Kelly with a nice fish!!

Big John.jpg (120494 bytes)    Big JohnA.JPG (110268 bytes)    Doug.jpg (57095 bytes)    Doug1.jpg (50354 bytes)

Doug--back to back nice fish at dawn in the rain!

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Joel Babin

    Mike2.jpg (176008 bytes)    Dads  Bass.jpg (145163 bytes)

Michael Schexnayder (mschexna) and his dad