Some of my best fishing days have been rainy days, so I prefer to fish if it is not extremely cold or unsafe. I have enough raingear for everyone, but I prefer you bring your own if rain is inevitable.

Since the weathermen are wrong so often, I don't trust them to adequately predict when it will be stormy. Therefore, the earliest I will call a rainout (especially on a highly demanded day) is 30 minutes before we are scheduled to meet. If we are scheduled to meet and it is storming (or a hard rain), I will probably try to contact you to see if you want to wait it out, reschedule, or try to fish. If you don't hear from me, please try to contact me.

Sometimes just waiting a few minutes can be the difference between fishing out of a wet boat or a dry boat. In the event of an unsafe (stormy or icy) fishing day, we can schedule another trip at both of our convenience and your deposit will be applied toward the other day.


If for some reason you or your partner can't make the scheduled date and you give me at least a two week notice, I will allow you to reschedule without forfeiting your deposit. If you have a premium date (Feb., Mar., April. or any weekend) and need to reschedule but don't provide adequate notice for me to rebook, you can reschedule to a non-premium date (June-July-Auigust weekday) without forfeiting your deposit.