Wacht am Rhein II


AAR...these shots were taken after the Surprise, Pre-Dawn German term.  5th Pz. Army did not meet with much success and the 6th Pz. Army was moderately successful.  Too early to tell much.  You will note we use counter holders for the markers that are placed and removed within a turn, such as Prepared  Assault.  We have also marked with a white X the Allied units activated by German attack.  Chris is a WWII German SS reenactor, hence the helmet.  Of course I have to wear my US helmet liner in retaliation!

Surprise Overview.jpg (144333 bytes)    Surprise 6thPzA.jpg (197274 bytes)    Surprise Center.jpg (197678 bytes)    Surprise 5thPzA.jpg (199462 bytes)

End of 16 December PM Turn.  It is obvious that we have two distinctly different styles in our German players!  One slow, meticulous, the other fast, aggressive.  Both have opened up holes.

16DDecPMLeft.jpg (203699 bytes)    16DDecPMLeftCenter.jpg (200543 bytes)    16DDecPMRightCenter.jpg (198756 bytes)    16DDecPMRight.jpg (202469 bytes)

16DDecPMOverLeft.jpg (205079 bytes)    16DDecPMOverRight.jpg (205101 bytes)

 17 December AM Turn is about to begin.  The Germans have driven a wedge into the American line in numerous places.   Photos arranged from German left to right.

17DecAMLeft.jpg (198766 bytes)        17DecAMLeft Center.jpg (205745 bytes)    17DecAMRightCenter.jpg (205699 bytes)    17DecAMRight.jpg (210811 bytes)

The shots below are at the start of the Dec 17 PM turn.  The Germans have punched three holes in the American right and are trying to open two on the left.  1st ID has been activated as of this turn for the Americans.  I am not sure anything can stop the Germans on the American right.  The 82 & 101 will not be arriving for three more turns. What do you think?  Photos are arranged from German left to right.  The final four pictures are of Chris one of our players and Morgan 8 year old son of another player.  Chris has been a WWII German reenactor for the last 4 years and a Civil War reenactor for 7 yeras.



The shots below are at the end of the Dec 17 PM turn. We didn't get much done, I wanted to pay two turns but having Joe Clark there was well worth the time.  We just play VERY slowly.  The first is the German Left.  The second and third show the results of the German penetration all the way to Bastogne which will fall next turn.  The final shot is the German right where they have been slowed but certainly not stopped.


 Well, it is the end of the 17 December Extended night turn.  During that turn the Germans we saw the Pz. Lehr began its advance and the US 106 XX units isolated in their front line positions tried a night attack on a both a XX and XXX HQ that the Germans foolishly left unattended.  The results were not too positive but it did wake the Germans up to the offensive threat the 106 posed.  In the regular night turn the German advance continued. Two US divisions &AD and 30ID arrived at their assembly in Strategic Mode and will be deployed in the am. Bastogne still holds out as do a few isolated units that are jamming up the 7th Pz Army (new camera so be patient...believe it or not I lost the last one!!!)


 Okay, we are almost finished the 18 Dec. AM turn...just need to do German Supply etc. As always, comments appreciated. And remember, still learning this new camera. Shots run from German left to right and then Bastogne.