Why Should I Fish with my Mind?


The mental aspects of any sport are often overlooked by the casual participant and the serious amateur but rarely but the professional. If you ask any professional athlete, they will enter into a monologue concerning the mental aspects of his/her sport and its importance to the over-all outcome they wish to achieve. Why have fisherman overlooked this area?

One answer is simple: Stereotype.

For years bass fishing was looked down upon by the  “purists” in our sport. The “Bubba” image of a bass fisherman has persisted even into this century. Some of it we perpetuate ourselves. We suddenly shift into “fish-speak” when discussing fishing. Witness ‘Harry ‘N’ Charlie’ in “Bassmaster” Magazine. Anyone not associated with us has only to read that comic one time to develop that stereotypical image. Students constantly tell me that fishing is pure luck and that there is no thinking involved. All we do is chunk and wind. We must strive to educate the public concerning the intricacies of our sport. AND we must force ourselves to focus on the mental aspects of fishing if we expect to be successful, whether is be in tournament competition of just for fun.


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