Welcome all.   I had had better explain who the heck I am. For the last 32 years I have spent most of my life teaching and coaching. I have taught history at every level, from middle school through college. In addition, I coached for 25 years before I got smart and decided it interfered with my fishing too much! <g> I have been a Varsity basketball, baseball and Cross Country coach and also coached football. My teams have advanced to regional and state levels of competition on a consistent basis. In addition, my history students have gained state and national acclaim for their efforts. Currently, I guide in southeast Texas (Fayette County & Gibbons Creek Reservoirs) as I have for 11 years. I also have   tournament fished for the past 13 years.


What does all that mean to you? Well, I know how to win. From both an academic and sports perspective. I try (although it sometimes does not show in tournaments) to incorporate in my fishing, the principles I have taught for so long in the classroom or athletic venues. I will focus on the mental aspects of fishing. You can pick up any online or paper ‘zine and read about lures, techniques and the technical approaches to fishing. The problem is, as I see it, the mental side of bass fishing is equally as important and we rarely see that discussed. We will do that here so let’s begin.

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