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Ralph, one of our Fayette Fishing Forum members, fished with me two days after Christmas from Dawn till Dusk.


Now that's a beautiful Sunset!!

A "follow boat" is a good way to learn more about the lake.

Okay, it was a bit fog and VERY early. 



Just in case you think it is cold here in Texas, check out my sister and Niagara Falls.

         The Falls

Wonder how the fish felt under this?

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What a great two days for Bill, Seth, and Ben (father & sons) Sorry, but I am not explaining the shoe! <g> Remember, cabins and multi-day trips are available.

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A brother & sister show.  Another great day!

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 Frank&Malinda10.jpg (73639 bytes) This is what happens when the camera man gets too excited at a nice fish!

A great Tuesday with a very good fisherman

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I ran one of the camera boats for the TTT Championship on Conroe

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It is only fitting that day should catch all the fish on a trip for his birthday!

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Brazos Bend State Park Kid Fishing Class.

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Nice Family outing on a HOT July day!

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MikeP3.jpg (92321 bytes)    MikeP4.jpg (71284 bytes)    MikeP5.jpg (84811 bytes)    MikeP6.jpg (115797 bytes)

Fishing was not great but a good time was had

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Fish Bite, Storm Rolls In

Tony1.jpg (114073 bytes)   Tony2.jpg (29634 bytes)   Tony3.jpg (21930 bytes)   Tony.jpg (106490 bytes)

Andy here her has his biggest bass ever!

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Pleasure Before Business

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A former student, future Leatherneck

Chris C.jpg (84845 bytes)

I am not shop there much any more but the BPS fishing guys can still fish!

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Gander Mountain, Beaumont Grad Opening

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BeauBill1.jpg (109264 bytes)    BeauBillKen.jpg (179211 bytes)    BeauBillKen1.jpg (174153 bytes)    BeauGroup.jpg (176778 bytes)

BeauJohnKen.jpg (180900 bytes)    Beaukid1.jpg (114398 bytes)   BeauOutKid.jpg (147874 bytes)     BeauOut1.jpg (115638 bytes)

BeauOut2.jpg (183170 bytes)    BeauOut.jpg (137252 bytes)

Fishing is supposed to be fun and these two young men had fun even though the fishing was tough...they can fish with me anytime! 

Austin.jpg (79416 bytes)   MattC.jpg (128905 bytes)     AustinA.jpg (122519 bytes)    Matt.jpg (156897 bytes)

AustinB.jpg (119123 bytes)     MattA.jpg (88162 bytes)     AustinD.jpg (132615 bytes)    MattD.jpg (139124 bytes)

AustinE.jpg (101672 bytes)    AustinF.jpg (97828 bytes)

I am sure you have noticed many references to gander Mountain Staff. Again today I had the pleasure of fishing with Doug  associate from the Sugar Land Store.  He is a very good fisherman and quite knowledgeable.  If you have not been to the numerous Gander Mtns in the Houston area you need to get there soon.  There is one in Spring on 45, Houston on 290, and Sugar Land on 59.  This weekend is the grand opening for the Beaumont Gander.  These are great people and a great company.

GanderDoug.jpg (111779 bytes)    GanderDougA.jpg (69563 bytes)

Allow me to wax philosophic for a second. Nothing makes a teacher prouder than seeing their former students all grown up.  Here is Missy a grad student and her mom and dad fishing Fayette with me.  It was a wonderful day.

Missy.jpg (75262 bytes)    MissyBill.jpg (112932 bytes)    MissyBillA.jpg (116464 bytes)    MissyBillB.jpg (216051 bytes)

MissyDad.jpg (67566 bytes)    MissyMom.jpg (98112 bytes)    MissyDadA.jpg (129549 bytes)    MissyMomA.jpg (130593 bytes)

MissyDadB.jpg (91308 bytes)    MissyDadMom.jpg (79315 bytes)

Two gander Mountain Fisherman

GanderJohn.jpg (84565 bytes)    GanderBasil.jpg (113733 bytes)    GanderJohn2.jpg (125831 bytes)    GanderBasil2.jpg (87071 bytes)

 GanderBasilJohn.jpg (76546 bytes)    GanderBasil1.jpg (80751 bytes)    GanderJohn1.jpg (117478 bytes) and Capt Ralph Capt Ralph.jpg (175846 bytes)

What father doesn't love watching his son catch fish?

Tony0518.jpg (70143 bytes)    Tony0518A.jpg (96937 bytes)

What a great trip: Grandfather, son and grandson

BenJB0105.jpg (98822 bytes)    JBfish0105.jpg (91700 bytes)    JBReel0105.jpg (108046 bytes)    JerryJB0105.jpg (67971 bytes)

    JBteeth0105.jpg (92890 bytes)   JerryJB0105A.jpg (110978 bytes)Remember eat more fish! (under the slot!)  JBLivewell0105.jpg (158275 bytes)

Brad Taylor 7 lbr.jpg (946024 bytes)  Brad Taylor with a nice 7 pounder

SteveMatt0409H.jpg (89602 bytes)    SteveMatt0409G.jpg (91883 bytes)    SteveMatt0409I.jpg (105512 bytes)   SteveMatt0409F.jpg (112647 bytes)

SteveMatt0409E.jpg (174527 bytes)    SteveMatt0409D.jpg (95960 bytes)    SteveMatt0409C.jpg (174047 bytes)    SteveMatt0409A.jpg (128900 bytes)

SteveMatt0409B.jpg (137048 bytes)    SteveMatt0409J.jpg (204793 bytes)    SteveMatt0409.jpg (123070 bytes)

KB Home Tournament

Sparks2.jpg (24324 bytes)    Sparks1.jpg (13851 bytes)    Sparks3.jpg (19124 bytes)    Sparks4.jpg (18661 bytes)

Sparks7.jpg (38509 bytes)    Sparks5.jpg (26424 bytes)    Sparks6.jpg (30110 bytes)    Sparks8.jpg (20980 bytes)

John Sparks took a couple of my clients out and they had a blast!

Clair0214A.jpg (102842 bytes)   Clair0214B.jpg (84196 bytes)    Clair0214.jpg (70655 bytes)    Clair0214H.jpg (136733 bytes) Nice hat! <g>

Valentines Day Fishing...the best weather of the year so far!!

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Nice trip today...plenty of males getting ready for the big move.

Metro-me.jpg (110465 bytes)    Metro-me1.jpg (137564 bytes)    Metro-Eric.jpg (78554 bytes)    Metro-Eric1.jpg (101298 bytes)    Metro-Eric2.jpg (129174 bytes)

On Tuesday, February 8 I had the distinct pleasure of speaking to the Metropolitan Bass Club which meets once a month at Gander Mountain. These are class guys that really know how club should be run.  Eric Nygren, Game Warden for Fayette County also attended and provided great insight on the lake.

Mike28D.jpg (72566 bytes)    Mike28.jpg (82207 bytes)    Mike28A.jpg (68056 bytes)  

  Mike28B.jpg (88302 bytes)    Mike28C.jpg (81960 bytes)    Kyle0208.jpg (104245 bytes)

Relived Bass Pro Shops days with Kyle and Mike. Mike just can't keep his shoes on and Kyle loves to eat sushi.

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Cold and foggy but fun!  The small buck bass were ready to bite!

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