2006 Scrapbook

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101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) on Kentucky Lake







Grand Opening, BPS, Macon, GA





Academy Outdoors, Evans, GA


Congrats to JOHN SPARKS, Fayette County Guide, earned $3,319 as the co-angler winner in the BFL Super Tournament on Sam Rayburn thanks to seven bass weighing 27 pounds, 10 ounces.

Clarks Hill Reservoir




Harry, Herb and I on July 8th.  To me, sunrise is the single most precious time of the day. Trolling motor cable snapped at 11...a boat is just a BIG hole in the water we throw money into!



A Janus Picnic...Before the picnic the GWOT team did a little recon of the lake.  One spot, one bait FIVE species:  Bass, White Bass, Perch, Blue Gill (2) and Gar! Can you tell that Gary's wife is on the West Coast? <VBG>


Herb is my next door neighbor. We hit the lake at dawn and got off at noon.  No sense being on the water with the holiday crazies!



Jim & Harry (both retired Signal Corps) took me fishing on one of the most beautiful days of the year. We didn't catch any big ones but we had a super time!


First time on the water.  caught a few fish, drove around a bunch.  This is a very nice lake!

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John Sparks is another excellent guide on Fayette. He picks up my trips when I cannot go.  Here we have Mark and his day and a good day of fishing. 




Had a nice father & son on Sunday. Both just beginning to fish.  We had a great time, they learned a bunch and in spite of the post-frontal conditions and a wind to 25 mph we caught about 10-12 fish.


Joseph and I had a better day, two days later even though it was a WET day!



Michael and I worked HARD for the few fish we caught on this day!

    The Osprey had better luck!

Jon Goff, another forum member and two co-workers (Kelly & Becka) along with a client from Colorado (Josh) fished with John Sparks and I on this post-frontal day and had a great time on the lake.




Jim Davis, a Forum Member, on his birthday,

now if I could only completely figure out this new camera!



Some Houston boat show shots.

Sunday, Final Day Shots


Saturday at the Show





Wednesday, Thursday, Friday


Tuesday at the Show



Monday at The Show


Before and After:


Sea Scouts




  BFW's fearless leader?     



Future Champion Owners


Gerald Robinson won a free trip with me when he purchased a Bay Champ at Red Wing Boats during the show.


52 people attended my first Seminar on Fayette County...more Wednesday and next Saturday.


I am going to start the last two days of 2005 and New Year's Day

New Year's Day brought high winds and a Blue Bird Sky.  It also brought three very good fisherman and a great time. Ken Cummings is an Outfitter in Montana (Click here for his website).  His brother in law (Josh) and Father in Law (David) took him fishing! <g>  Note the last picture.  We caught over 35 fish but the smallest was the last! <G>



Wendell and Keith had a great time on a tough fishing day


Friday BassFishingWorld.com held a "Small Brawl" on the lake. Here we have some shots of the awards lunch at Orsaks in Fayetteville.