Fayette County

Fayetteville is a typical small country town.  Very friendly and warm.


  We usually eat at Orsak's if we split the day, great food large portions.

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Fayette County Update!

ACCESS/CAMPING (click for additional information)
Boat ramps, bank and pier fishing, picnic and camping facilities are available at Park Prairie and Oak Thicket parks. For details and updates, visit www.lcra.org or call the lake hotline at (512) 473-3333. Park Prairie Park is located on Park Prairie Road, 0.9 miles southeast of Texas Highway 159. Oak Thicket Park is located off 159 approximately 2 miles east of Park Prairie Road. An entrance fee is charged at both parks. Call (979) 249-3504 for more details on park usage.

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You can see an interesting satellite photo of Fayette. Simply click on the picture below. To zoom in, click on the center of the photo in the new window.

Fayette County Records


The Fayette Power Project (FPP) provides electricity for more than one million homes in Texas. FPP is comprised of three generating units with 1,605 megawatts of generating capacity. The story of FPP began in 1973 when the Lower Colorado River Authority decided that a coal-fired power plant would provide electricity at a competitive cost. A year later, the LCRA and the City of Austin became partners in FPP.

Together, Austin and the LCRA built two units on a 10-square-mile site in Fayette County, seven miles east of La Grange. As project manager, the LCRA oversaw construction of the units and continues to operate daily activities. Unit 1 was completed and placed into commercial operation in 1979; Unit 2 followed in 1980.

In 1984 the LCRA began construction of a third unit. The LCRA is the sole owner and operator of Unit 3, which began commercial operation in 1988. All three units at FPP use Western coal as their main fuel source. The LCRA has some of the most competitive electric rates in Texas because of FPP's efficient operation and fuel costs.

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Unfortunately Honey Hole is now defunct but my reports will remain.


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